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RAC, man. This guy can do zero wrong. This is just a pure summer song. 

This is his first single out on his lonesome. Fittingly, he put Chris Glover (Penguin Prison)  all over it, because that guy vomits rainbows and catchiness out of his singing voice.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go listen to this 4,208 times in a row. 

Dowload it for free here.

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Guilty pleasure band. They’re in SF September 22nd or something.

Anyone one up for some awkward whiteboy dancing?

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Remixing a song is something of an art.

You either create a complete gem, or you take something great and show the world what it would sound like if it were actually a horrible song.

RAC hasn’t made a bad remix yet. It’s perplexing. He’s like a drunk guy at the craps table in Vegas. I’m waiting for him to crap out and lose everyone’s money…

But that dude just keeps winning.

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