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Everything that was good about The Underdog + Gary Glitter = this.

Go buy this album. Spoon just gets better with age.

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Everyone’s got one of those bands that they just can’t see any wrong in, ever.

Spoon’s my “those bands”.

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Come back soon, Spoon.

I miss the goddamn mess out of you.

(Also, it’s sorta cool that the actual riff from All I Got Is Me was in this song like a decade before that song even resurfaced. So cool when you hear that little shit.)

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Supergroups can be awful. It’s sort of like two hot people with zero in common at a bar, staring at each other saying, “I dunno. I mean, should we just power breed? See what happens?”

See: any group that Scott Weiland ends up in, ever.

This is what happens when two of your favorite friends that you actually wanted to hook up get drunk, have sex and start to date. 

Because, yeah. Britt Daniel of Spoon and Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade should have been dating a long, long time ago. 

Stream the whole album here.

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