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I totally get it if Animal Collective isn’t your thing. I won’t even argue with someone if they don’t like them. It’s fine, because to be perfectly honest a lot of it is just really weird shit and maybe you’re not into that. 

Like every other obnoxious snob and their mother, I really liked Merriweather Post Pavillion and get why we all did: it wasn’t so fucking out there that I couldn’t play it for people without feeling like “that asshole” playing weird experimental stuff because “I get it and you don’t.” 

The new album is good. But, it might get too weird for people again, because honestly, I’m not even sure I like a lot of it past the first few songs. But, no matter how weird this first song is…

It’s pretty great, right? Like, that chorus/hook section is really dreamy, right?

I know, I know. Fucking music snobs. Sorry. 

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Brother Sport by Animal Collective is one of the most genuinely happy songs you’ll ever listen to. If they took out the “what the eff is going on here” middle part, they might actually even play it for people other than hipsters to hear! But I guess that’s the appeal: the exclusivity of enjoying random blips and bleeps (“it’s so analog, brah, so raw”).

Apparently some hiptastic art kid in NY made this video for them. For the most part, it looks like four 3rd graders made the animations, but I guess that’s “hipster art” for you. However, the kids running around? Pretty awesome. Because I remember running around with like, a cape and a sword and thinking, “what is it…Tuesday? Yeah, this seems about right.” I miss that.

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Animal Collective

My brother tells me almost every other day how much he hates this band. And…to be fair, I get it.

Animal Collective is the “did you know I read pitchfork and know bands that don’t even exist yet?” band of all bands. The funny thing is, that’s what they were, and now they are like the weezer of the indie world or something. I mean that to mean this: It was so cool to like them before because they just made noise, then it was cool to like them because you were the first to hear about them, then it was cool to like them because they were on every end of the year list, now it’s expected if you are an “indie music fan” or whatever to like them.

It’s an odd arc. I kind of wonder if they ever REALLY do make it if the pitchfork crowd will disown them. I digress.

It took me a long time to really get why I liked them so much. You have to try to listen to them without all the “i’m so awesome” people telling you how amazing they are. Because really, there is some outstandingly beautiful songs they make. And this is one of them. So once you get past all the fanboy noise…they tend to make a beautiful song or nineteen.

No one ever really knew if they were going to release it…they played it in a BBC session back in February or something…but this song gets beyond amazing around the midway point. For people who hate Animal Collective, there is no way they are making it that far into an Animal Collective song. But seriously..get to three minutes in if they really aren’t your thing. If you stop thinking about all the hype, it’s just a really gorgeous, poppy song. And I’d be surprised if it doesn’t make you incredibly happy to listen to.

It’s a fun argument with Adam (the brother), because I totally get where he is coming from: they have two band members named “panda bear” and “geologist” for chrissakes. But Ad. Try. Please. This one really is good. I’ll stop bugging you after this. Because you know deep down…I’ll listen to hair bands with you any day of the week and be just as happy.

Animal Collective - “What Would I Want? Sky”

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