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My old co-worker used to glow about Neko Case like she was a golden goddess that no one was paying attention to. Granted, her fan base is rabid: when you see them at her concerts, it’s almost shocking the first time. But I get why now. I mean, spoiler alert: she’s incredible. 

My brother used to play me New Pornographers stuff when I was a bit younger, and I always dug it because the lead female vocals were infectious. I figured out it was her and did the dog-tilts-head-to-the-side huh. 

I just listened to a few tracks off the new Hunger Games soundtrack (because i’m a 13 year old boy and can’t wait for that friggin’ movie) and the only track that stood out to me was this one…and not the Arcade Fire one that everyone just knee-jerk likes because, “they’re the Arcade Fire.”

She’s really, really good. I’d go listen to more of her if you have a minute. And, you’re reading a bad music blog hosted for free on Tumblr. 

So. You have a minute. 

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