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good music. one song at a time.


New band that removed a letter from it’s name, because why not?

Also, this song is incredibly enjoyable. 

Pre-order here, if one would

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Guys, look. I know he’s the worst sometimes. 

But every now and again, I stumble across some of his old stuff, and…

I mean holy shit, this is just a fantastic cover. Be honest.

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If good, funny music actually got played on the radio or anywhere mainstream, every girl would be screaming this song happily.

Every. Last. Girl.

I hate pop radio. Why doesn’t shit like this get play?

Stop it, top 40 radio. You’re drunk. Go home.

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When The Drums brought out the first single for their new album, I feel like we all let out a collective “uh oh”. Because…and I’m being nice…It wasn’t good at being music.


Then they went and released this. And TOTALLY redeemed themselves and made me realize I’m a big jerk.

Whoa, is this fantastic. Sometimes I wish I just lived in an 80’s teen film montage.

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"I don’t even know myself cuz I’m becoming someone else."

Simple. But that’s a really great line, guys.

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Surprise! Michael Cera is a really great musician.

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The last two posts (this one included) are strong front runners for songs of the summer for me, personally.

Outrageously gorgeous song. 

And his name is spelled in a silly manner, which is a bonus.

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Hopefully you’ve still got a little bit of summer left, wherever you are. 

If not, here it is in song format.

It’s even got boobs on the cover.

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Everything that was good about The Underdog + Gary Glitter = this.

Go buy this album. Spoon just gets better with age.

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That Mac Demarco summer sound, though.

AM I DOING IT RIGHT, KIDS? DO I NEED TO REMOVE THE “UGH” to make it a cooler “tho”?

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