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The new “SURPRISE!” tactic of releasing music is just fantastic. 

New Thom Yorke album. 

Go pay for it here. C’mon, they’re worth your money. 

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Ever since college, I’ve watched this band reinvent itself 286,208 times. 

The cool thing is, every time, they get more mature and evolve in this amazingly fantastic way, and just sound better. And better. And better. 

They’re like the opposite of U2. 

They don’t cater to a new audience. They just age with their old one. 

It’s like dating someone great. Just when you think you totally know them, they do something and you just fucking love them even more. 

Can’t wait for the new album. 

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Guys, jesus. 

Ryan Adams is bringing out music at an insane clip and it’s all insanely good. Jesus fuck. 

Swear words. More swear words. Etc.

(I am 32 years old.)

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This is an impeccable album, guys. 

Jenn Ghetto is everything in Seattle, apparently. And it makes a lot of sense why after listening to it track for track. 

The thing, front to back, is gorgeously sad and melodic. Produced by Ex-Cab-For-Cutie (HEY OH!) bassist Chris Walla, it’s just shockingly beautiful.

Haven’t stopped listening for 24 hours straight. 

I hope this wonderful lady blows up. And immediately. 

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It’s fall, which means I get to do the annual thing where I share this song until I force all of you to fall in love with it at the same clip with which I do every god damn year. 

One of the most underrated underrated’s of all time. 

Enjoy. And happy fall.

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Great song.

Greater video.

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This is the kinda song that you like a lot. 

Then, about a week into listening to it, you realize you’re constantly getting to the chorus and mumbling…

"comeonKIIIINDAmovingggggfacingusssscoaskldjf;laksdjA TOUGH A TOUGH A TOUGH A TOUGHER LOVVVVE" 

And you just don’t even care that you in no way know the lyrics. Even remotely. 

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James Bay has got to get more famous and fast, right?

It usually just takes one stellar cover and then everyone’s like WHO IS THIS GUY, AMIRITE?

So, that’s what I’m doing.

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Long time favorite of the little rockets that are tiny. 

And the new album is incredibly not disappointing. 

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This is a very good album, guys.

SBTRKT + Sampha is pretty much always solid ear gold. 

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