tiny little rockets.

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This is the kinda song that you like a lot. 

Then, about a week into listening to it, you realize you’re constantly getting to the chorus and mumbling…

"comeonKIIIINDAmovingggggfacingusssscoaskldjf;laksdjA TOUGH A TOUGH A TOUGH A TOUGHER LOVVVVE" 

And you just don’t even care that you in no way know the lyrics. Even remotely. 

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James Bay has got to get more famous and fast, right?

It usually just takes one stellar cover and then everyone’s like WHO IS THIS GUY, AMIRITE?

So, that’s what I’m doing.

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Long time favorite of the little rockets that are tiny. 

And the new album is incredibly not disappointing. 

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This is a very good album, guys.

SBTRKT + Sampha is pretty much always solid ear gold. 

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Everything on BBC anything is good. It’s like science at this point.

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Go buy the new Ryan Adams album immediately. It’s flawless, front to back.

Now. Stop. Now. Go.

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No. Seriously. 

A capital F Fucking revelation.

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Holy fucking shit.

This band is a god damn revelation.

North Carolina, you have raised up and taken your shirt off and spun it around like a helicopter.

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I’ve been on vacation for a week. So I don’t even know where the eff to begin. But this is a good start. 

One of SF’s finest, WATERS, got signed to one of my favorite labels (Vagrant). Huzzah and congrats, guys.

Good first single off their upcoming. Enjoy. 

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When you’re going on vacation on a tropical island in 24 hours and this song shows up.

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