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If you’ve never listened to Matt Mahaffey’s “Self”, I strongly encourage you to raid the entire f*cking catalog. It’s so outstanding and he’s the kind of talent that I, zero doubt, think they’ll make documentaries about someday. He’s just a great dude.

sElf’s new single is free on iTunes right now. Get after it. 

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This song has like 72 different amazing parts in it. 

Sometimes you forget how good this man is at his job because The xx just mumbles over this stuff. And while I’m pretty into that…

This is producing perfection, no?

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Everyone’s crush.

Guys. Girls. Guygirls. Girlguys.


Jenny Lewis, you’re just everything. Thanks for making new music again.

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Everyone’s got one of those bands that they just can’t see any wrong in, ever.

Spoon’s my “those bands”.

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Something wonderful about a woman talking about a relationship in a way that makes you think, “hey, I’ve been in this relationship, and this is how we would sing about it in our twenties. I respect this song’s accuracy and it’s fantastic way of taking me back to a horrible relationship that I had when I was younger!”

That’s what it made me think, to be clear.

To be fair, it’s a really fucking great song, also.

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It’s a weird, fanatastic video.

Also? The song is really good. 

Kudos, Red Bull and Wrestlers. Smart combo.

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Not bad, Lena Dunham’s boyfriend/the other guy from fun.

Not bad.

(It’s a catchy album. Like, insanely catchy. I bet we see this shit everywhere. My two cents.)

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Album of the summer. If not year.

Just try and argue that. 

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Truly cannot suggest this documentary enough

The National’s Matt Berninger brought his brother on tour and the outcome is sad and then sweet and sorta touching. Family is everything. Never been explained in a better way than this.

Loved this film so very, very much. It’s the best thing I’ve seen since I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. And that’s saying a lot a lot a lot. 

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Cannot get enough of Mr. Chancellor. 

Sorry, Drake. I think we might be breaking up.

I mean that in the not-straightest way possible. 

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