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Fun Fact: Robert Dales, the singer/songwriter, isn’t Belgian.


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St. Lucia is really good. Great Good Fine Okay is really good.

Together, they make really good music. 

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I’m just a boy. Standing in front of a record that has a name I don’t understand.

Getting really excited.

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He’s just my favorite, man. He’s just my favorite.

Old Chance that just got leaked. Might be from the old mixtapes outtakes. 

WHO CARES. HOLY wonderful sample, batman. 

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A healthy reminder to everyone that Pharrell has always been THIS good.


Go revisit his old stuff, guys. There’s like, 400,000 albums he’s been a part of that are stupidly good. 

I used to listen to this a billion times a day.

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Annnd here I am plugging RAC for the 1,058,953th time. 

But, does he/do they ever miss? NO THEY DO NOT.

They’re in SF tomorrow night at The Fillmore. Be there if you can, I’m guessing it’s going to be a dance party.

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The pink haired singer is everything. 


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Sometimes, randomly, a band comes back into your life and it’s like they never fucking left.

JESUS they were good. They still are.

But JESUS, man. This shit was outrageously good.

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Just an old school, lovable pop song. 

Why doesn’t shit sound like this more often?


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Welcome back, Cut Copy.

More of this, please.

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