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This man can sing. And play guitar.

And he does both very, very well.

Nice to see so much good music coming out of New Orleans lately.

This album is pretty great front to back. Get on it, folks.

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Mr. Simon Green is a very good musical producer. 

This song is catchy. 

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Dude’s just a little bit of perfect. 


Everything about this is just every reason I love his stuff. He’s special, man. 

And we’re right in the middle of watching him hit his peak.

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You will probably be hooked within the first 5 seconds when the guitar makes you wish you were in an 80’s movie. 

Great, great song. 

It’s pretty gorgeous, too, to segway into fall listening to this. 

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Sometimes I just listen to that first James Blake record and remind myself that this guy is doing almost everything WITHOUT A SINGLE FUCKING INSTRUMENT BUT HIS VOICE.


We’re in the middle of watching a genius work. I genuinely feel that. 

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The bridge and chorus of this song are fairly flawless?

Why is there a question mark on that?

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Pretty darn excited for this album to come out. 

Is it November yet?

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Just your weekly reminder that Ryan Adams was always that good.

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New Childish Gambino mixtape came out today. Apparently, the second part (Kauai) will be released soon as an EP. 

For now, here’s the standout. 

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